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Test Data in Software Testing

Test Data in Software Testing

In this era, the Software industry [IT] is very progressive, giant, rich, and updated. IT is a field where IT and non-IT people both can get better opportunities to build a career. There are various profiles in IT to pursue

cypress installation

How to Install and Setup Cypress?

What is Cypress? Cypress is an end-to-end testing solution with built-in JavaScript for modern web test automation. This developer-friendly tool acts directly in the browser via DOM manipulation, allowing front-end developers and QA engineers to perform automated web tests while reducing

The Importance of SQL in Software Testing

The Importance of SQL in Software Testing 

The Importance of SQL in Software Testing. It provides a standardized way to interact with databases, allowing testers to perform various tasks such as data retrieval, data insertion, and data modification. What is SQL and How it Relates to Software

set up and install katalon

How to install and setup Katalon studio on windows?

Introduction  Katalon Studio is a tool for automation testing for WEB, desktop, mobile applications, and API. The software is easy to use for testers who have less coding skills. Katalon Studio is a powerful automation tool for testing web and

katalon studio

What is Katalon Studio?

 Katalon Studio provides all-in-one in a single platform. Like the low-code web, API, mobile, and Desktop Automation Testing. Katalon Studio design to speed up the task. It follows the SDLC process. It does ‘Quality Assurance’ work more productively.  Katalon Studio

API Testing

What is API Testing? 

The process of evaluating APIs’ security, scalability, functionality, and performance is known as API testing. It involves sending requests to several endpoints and determining whether the responses match what was expected. The “happy path” scenarios and negative cases are tested

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