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Top 21 Manual Testing Companies in India

In this article, we will see the top manual testing service providers.

The quality of your software matters to your consumers no matter what business you’re in. As a result, allowing for Quality Assurance and manual testing services in your budget makes sense. This will assist your team in ensuring that high-quality products are being released.

Throughout the QA process, manual testing offers flexibility. It enables testers to use their knowledge and critical thinking to locate critical bugs. The QA tester interacts directly with the software while performing manual testing to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Although test automation saves time, it does not cover all areas, and the results of automated tests do not provide user input. In most circumstances, manual testing is required, and it should be included in every team’s quality assurance procedure.

Manual testing services entail manually testing a website or mobile app from beginning to end. You’ll get professionals with knowledge of all types of software and a superior capacity to detect issues when you deal with experienced manual testers.

This post will provide an overview of some of the best QA firms that specialize in manual testing. It will provide you with a better understanding of the services offered, the clientele with whom the company has worked, and general company information. This might assist you or your team in identifying the best QA firm to contact for manual testing (or other) services.

What is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is a type of software testing that involves a tester manually running test cases rather than using automated technologies or tools.

Do you know, what are manual testing services?

Manual testing services entail manually checking all portions of a website and/or app for flaws in functionality and design. One of the most effective ways to verify that your software is user-friendly is to conduct this type of testing. Fixing errors discovered during manual testing can help you keep your current clients and perhaps convert new ones.

Manual testing service providers, who can provide thorough problem reports and user experience notes are frequently used by companies to outsource their software testing needs.

Top-rated Manual Testing Service Providers

Below is a list of manual testing service providers

  1. QACraft
  2. Testlio
  4. Testbytes
  5. Kiwiqa
  6. Thinksys
  7. QASource
  8. Cigniti
  9. Testingxperts
  10. QAinfotech
  11. QualiTlabs
  12. Impact QA
  13. Bugraptors
  14. DeviQA
  15. A1QA
  16. ScienceSoft
  17. Infosys
  18. Hexaware
  19. PerfectQA Services
  20. Indium software
  21. Shiv Technolabs

Here, We will see in the brief about Best Manual Testing Services Companies:

1) QACraft

Headquarters: Gujarat, India

Core Services: Mobile App Testing, Regression Testing, Functional Testing, Manual Testing, Performance Testing, Game Testing, Non-functional Testing, Automation Testing, and many more.

QACraft is a major manual testing company based in India that serves clients all over the world. QACraft’s Testers have gained domain expertise and deliver software that runs well. Through dependable QA solutions, QACraft is dedicated to assisting its partners in achieving optimum ROI.

QACraft, a leading software testing firm, can assist you in finding the best manual testing solutions. They have certified and experienced Manual tester professionals on staff at QACraft to help you with your projects. They have a lot of experience with effectively completing manual testing projects that result in a positive end-user experience.

QACraft recognizes the necessity of having a working and integrated software system, as well as other critical drivers, for businesses to achieve their goals. They provide all software testing services, including automation testing, manual testing, functional and non-functional testing, web testing, regression testing, and much more, to guarantee that the product meets industry standards. They also offer app testing services and other automation services.

2) Testlio

Headquarters: USA

Core Services: Automation Testing, Manual Testing, Mobile Application Testing, Non-functional Testing, Exploratory Testing, Functional Testing, Location Testing, Performance Testing, and more.

Testlio invented networked testing. Burstable software testing is enabled by its testing management platform, a global network of skilled testers, and strong customer services. Contact them to get a quote.

3) TestRig Technologies

Headquarters: Texas, USA

Core Services: Web automation testing, Manual testing, Cloud testing, Web Application Testing, Automated Testing, Android application Testing, Performance Testing, Functional Testing, Non-functional testing, and more.

Testrig Technologies provide software testing and QA consulting services worldwide, with specialization in Mobile Application Testing, Manual Testing, Web App Testing, Automation Testing, and many more.

4) Testbytes

Headquarters: USA

Core Services: Test Automation, Volume Testing, Functional Testing, Security Testing, Web Application Testing, Mobile App Testing, Manual Testing, Software Performance Testing, and more.

Testbytes offers comprehensive testing services for all types of websites and mobile apps. This firm specializes in high-end business consulting, resourcing, and implementation.

5) KiwiQA

Headquarters: Australia

Core Services: Automated Testing, SalesForce Testing, Manual Testing, Accessibility Testing, Exploratory Testing, Functional Testing, CRM Testing, Security Testing, and more.

KiwiQA is a well-known software testing and QA services company that provides top-notch manual testing services. We have carved out a separate position for ourselves in the manual testing sector as one of the first QA businesses.

6) Thinksys

Headquarters: USA

Core Services: Usability Testing, Manual Testing, Localization Testing, Automation Testing, Usability Testing, Regression Testing, and more.

Based in the USA, Thinksys offers a wide range of software testing services for kinds of businesses. They have a staff of QA testers who are intelligent, talented, and experienced.

7) QASource

Headquarters: CA, USA

Core Services: API Testing, Mobile app testing, Manual Testing, QA analysis Testing, Test Automation, Automation Testing, Salesforce Testing, and more.

QASource offers Automation Testing as well as Manual Testing Services. QASource’s Manual Testing Services include manual testing methods like Installation testing, User acceptance testing, security testing, error handling testing, and more.

8) Cigniti

Headquarters: Hyderabad, India

Core Services: Quality assurance services, Manual Testing Services, DevOps testing, ERP Testing, Automated Testing, Test Data management, and more.

Cigniti is a leading provider of Manual testing and QA services, combining the power of AI with DevOps and Agile to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation. Medical devices, Lifesciences, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries are among the industries they service.

9) Testingxperts

Headquarters: UK

Core Services: Digital Testing, Manual Testing, IoT Testing, Test Automation, Security Testing, Cloud Testing, Data Migration Testing, Regression Testing AI-based testing, and more.

TestingXperts offers QA and Software Testing Services in India and Worldwide. With a foundation of developed test methods, in-house accelerators, and familiarity with all industry-leading functional testing technologies, TestingXperts delivers end-to-end manual testing services for your functional testing needs.

10) QAinfotech

Headquarters: Noida, India

Core Services: Web App Testing, Test Automation, Cloud Testing, Mobile App Testing, Non-functional Testing, Manual Testing, SAP Testing, Functional Testing, and more.

QA Infotech is a Noida-based testing firm that specializes in Manual testing as well as Automation Testing. QAInfoTech uses custom-built automation test frameworks to provide effective test solutions. For a quote, please contact them.

Don't Let Bug Spoil Entire Software

11) Qualitlabs

Headquarters: Hyderabad, India

Core Services: Globalization testing, Test Automation Services, Continuous Testing, UI Testing, Installation Testing, Manual Testing, ERP testing, Functional testing, Cross-browser testing, and more.

QualiTlabs focuses on cutting-edge software testing approaches to ensure that end users have a positive digital experience on mobile devices, the Web, cloud, IoT, wearables, social media, and other digital platforms.

12) Impact QA

Headquarters: New York, USA

Core Services: Automation Testing, Blockchain Testing, Non-functional Testing, Manual Testing, Functional Testing, Mobile App Testing, Web App Testing, AI Testing, and more.

ImpactQA offers QA software testing services to ensure that your application’s many features are validated in top-notch testing facilities. With the deployment of automated regression test suites, our skilled team of qualified testers ensures a speedier time-to-market for your software products.

13) Bugraptors

Headquarters: CA, USA

Core Services: Website testing, Automated Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Manual Testing, QA Testing, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Web App Testing, and more.

BugRaptors provides comprehensive end-to-end manual software testing services to verify that your products are defect-free. Our extensive testing experience, as well as our knowledge of diverse testing methodologies, tools, and technology, contribute to high-quality outcomes.

14) DeviQA

Headquarters: New York, USA

Core Services: API Testing, Manual Testing, Agile Testing, QA outsource Testing, Automated Testing, Functional Testing, Website Testing, Full Cycle Testing, and more.

DeviQA has a long history of providing software testing and quality assurance services. They provide testing services for a variety of industries, including healthcare, business software, real estate, fintech and banking, and more. Devi QA’s professional QA engineers offer complete testing of all sorts of software for diverse fields due to the vast variety of provided manual testing services.

15) A1QA

Headquarters: CO, USA

Core Services: Manual Testing, Usability testing, Compatibility testing, CRM testing, Test Automation Services, Microservices Testing, Functional Testing, and more.

A1QA provides software testing and quality assurance services for all kinds of software, including PPAs and custom-developed software deployed in any environment, on many Agile flavors ranging from simple to SAFe. To get a quote, contact them.

16) ScienceSoft

Headquarters: Texas, USA

Core Services: Automated testing, Web App Testing, Functional Testing, Manual Testing, Non-functional Testing, Mobile App Testing, and more.

Sciensoft is a global software development and IT consulting service business based in Texas, United States. They provide high-quality automation testing services.

17) Infosys

Headquarters: India

Core Services: Agile Testing, Manual Testing, Cyber Security Testing, Functional Testing, DevOps Testing, Web App Testing, Non-functional Testing, and many more.

After TCS, India’s Infosys is the world’s second-largest IT firm. Infosys offers a wide range of services, including testing, digital services, and software development.

18) Hexaware

Headquarters: Navi Mumbai, India

Core Services: Autonomous Testing, Manual Testing, Data-Centric Testing, Automated Testing, Mobile App Testing, Web App Testing, and more.

Hexaware is a renowned provider of digital solutions based in Navi Mumbai, India. Test automation, customer experience transformation, managed testing, business process services, usability testing, digital assurance services, infrastructure services, and more are all available through Hexaware.

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19) PerfectQA Services

Headquarters: Gujarat, India

Core Services: Test Consulting, Performance Testing, Web Testing, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Testing, Manual Testing, Test Automation, Load Testing, and more.

For more than ten years, PerfectQA Services has provided QA services such as manual testing and automation testing around the world.

20) Indium Software

Headquarters: India

Core Services: Performance testing, Data Assurance, Security testing, Manual Testing, Game testing, AI testing, Regression testing, Web App Testing, IOT testing, and more.

For startups and large organizations, Indium Software provides digital solutions and QA services. They have over 20 years of IT consulting experience.

21) Shivlabs

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India

Core Services: Web development services, load testing, manual testing, automation testing, and more.

Shiv Technolabs’ dedicated Manual Testing professionals are tech-savvy and can assist you with a variety of manual testing projects. They employ cutting-edge technologies, industry-leading manual testing techniques, and approaches to help you increase the value of your brand. Their high-performance specialized manual testing experts will give QA technology-rich testing solutions, and reliable-rich.


The list above includes top manual testing companies in India, as well as the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other countries. QACraft’s award-winning staff of QA engineers (Testers) can handle any manual or automation project. You may discover QA testing, QA Consultants, software testing, and automation testing services here if you are a business or startup. For more, contact our QA expert now.

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